Letters between soldiers and their loved ones form a natural library of first person and eye witness accounts of war. They are an excellent written record with precise dates covering both the macro and micro scale of the conflict. Our simply aim is to database them, free-to-view online.

Letters from World War 2 online

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first person accounts and primary source documents

We are looking for more online free-to-view collections of letters from world war two so if you know of a site, send us the url so we can review and include it. support@war-letters.com . You can keep up-to-date with new collections of WW2 letters being added to this site through our rss feed. This page is maintained by the War Letters archive and is part of the Letter Repository. Letters are displayed for educational and research purposes. Copyright varies between different websites and institutions. Please contact the owners of the material if wanting to use it on your website or commerical publication.

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