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A lot of 60 letters mostly to Miss Margie Krumpleman of Kentucky, a young woman of 18-20 from various cousins and brothers fighting in World War II predominately posted from early 1943 to late 1945. Some are stationed at various camps arround the USA, and talk of their training. At least one works at Prision of War camp, and talk of the good conditions and good behaviour and humour of the italian prisioners. Also letters from a cousin at Los Alamos, the site of the development of the first Nuclear Weapon that fell on Hiroshama. He talks of the strange camp with lots of civilians and his envlovement, and seeing some of the first tests of the weapon. Other brothers and cousins are stationed abroad and see alot of action, including letters from China, England. France, Belgium and Germany. Letters from brother a soldier with the first American regiment into Paris. He talks of the scene, excitment and celebration. In England talk about the shock of seeing English girls going out with colored men, and generally not impressed with the women. Later letters from occupation soldiers in Germany, talks of his feelings to the German people.


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