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31 August1948
exact date of 31 of August 1948
day of the month 31 August 1948
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1948
month of Augustdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: S/Sgt Harold C Mayhood 13144998
1st A.A.F. B.Y. Boling Field, Washington D.C..

From: Howard W. Martin
E 1st St, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.


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Waynesburg  Pa
A.P.O  #.1.Aug  31-48

Adjutant  General:
Dear  Sir:
I  have  a  buddie  that  I  last  heard  from  at  this  add.

S/Sgt  Harold  C  Mayhood  13144998
1st  A.A.F.  B.Y.
Boling  Field
Wash.  D.C.

On  April  12-1946,  and  haven't  heard  from  him,  I  write  but  my  letters  are  not  returned  would  you  give  me  his  present  address  or  at  least  his  last  known  address.  I  was  advised  by  the  local  Chapter  of  the  Red  Cross  to  do  this  first  and  then  they  would  help  me  further.  If  you  could  not  give  me  the  complete  information.

Howard  W.  Martin 

Waynesburg  Pa

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