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14 December1943
exact date of 14 of December 1943
day of the month 14 December 1943
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1943
month of Decemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Esther Ebers
4038 Flad Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.

From: CPL Amos H. Ebers ASN 36069164 COMPANY F. 516th SIG.A.W.REGT
APO 832 New Orleans, Louisiana.


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I've  been  taking  it  easy  all  day  to  day,  so  I  don't  have  to  get  work  till  midnight  I  call  it  the  grave  yard  shift  ha  ha! 

I  listen  to  some  good  "Hill  Billy  Music"  last  night  and  killed  a  couple  of  brews  ha  ha!  I  still  like  beer  ha  ha!  Well  this  is  all  the  news  for  this  time  I  hope  to  hear  from  you  again  when  you  have  a  little  time  to  spare.

So  long  sister,
Brother  Amos

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