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19 February1953
exact date of 19 of February 1953
day of the month 19 February 1953
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1953
month of Februarydecade of the 1950s.
1900s century

To: Mr and Mrs Herbert Beyer
127 Morth Fourth Avenue, Royersford, Pennsylvania.

From: Sarah E Funkliner
459 Walnut Street, Royerford, Pennslyvania.


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Dear  Mrs.  Beyer,
There  seems  to  be  some  mistake.  I  either  did  not  send  you  letter  number  4  in  housewife  or  else  there  weer  two  letters  with  the  same  number  in  booklet.  Although  I  have  a  record  of  sending  you  a  letter  Nov  20th  52  however  if  it  is  my  mistake  please  pardon  it.
Sarah  E.  Finkliner. 

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Words  for  a  lullaby
Goodnight,  go  to  bed,  little  baby  girl,
Go  to  sleep  and  you;ll  keep  strong  and  well
Go  to  sleep,  sweet  and  deep  little  baby  girl
For  the  fairies  have  stories  to  tell!
At  daybreak,  when  you  awake  little  baby  girl,
the  sunlight  will  loosen  the  spell
That  night  time  has  woven,  my  sweet  baby  girl
So  good  night  go  to  bed,  all  is  well.

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