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Letters are from and concerning 'Teddy' Edward Jordan Bell (eventually a Major in the Army during WW2). His father was killed in action in March 1918 during the first world war and he was born a few months after in October 1918. These letters follow his life from excellent school reports when he was eight years old to personal letters to his Mom when he was ten and through his teens. He attends many military schools and colleges and shows a mature mind from a early age. His beloved dog features heavily in his letter from the time she has pup to her sad death. A photo of him with his dog and possible Mother is included in one of the early letters. He is a bit of a movie buff and enjoys discussing movies with his Mother duing the 1930s. He is not shy in telling her which girls and actresses he finds attractive and why. He talks in great detail about huge parties, the Beefeaters and special military ceremonies he has with the King prior to England joining world war two. When England does declare war, he is eager to be involved. He serves in many different army roles and by 1939 he has joined the airforce possibly as a cheif bomber stationed in Brough, Yorkshire. We don't what happened to Teddie, the letters end May 5th 1940. The date was enferred from content of the letter in some cases.


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