Letters between soldiers and their loved ones form a natural library of first person and eye witness accounts of war. They are an excellent written record with precise dates covering both the macro and micro scale of the conflict. Our simply aim is to database them, free-to-view online.

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War Letter Archive Lot 9
Eighty Letters to Madonna Joan Beer of Chicago, Illinois from Nov. 1944. Most early letters are from a love interest Verne R. Brooks of 101st Infantry stationed in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, although by mid 1945 the majority of the letters are from Verne's friend James P. Casey, who flies in a bomber. He is stationed at several locations around the Pacific, particularly the island of Guam. He visits many cities in Japan in 1946. Lot contains three separate accounts. read more

War Letter Archive Lot 23
An interesting collection of twenty-three letters telling the life story of a young man from Birmingham, England written to his mother. They start from the age of eight till he is twenty-two. He goes through numerous military colleges thoughout his life and eventually ends up as a WW2 airman. One letter is from a relation, "Brian" and some early ones are from an old school.  read more

War Letter Lot 14
Twelve V-mail letters from an American soldier Private First Class George Steany of the 1st service platoon stationed in London to his love interest Miss Judith Jones of Chicago from 1943 to 1945. Letters speak both of his longings to return to the USA and to marry her as well as his great appreciation for the beauty of the city of London. He speaks quite a lot about the different social events he attended and his relaxed, indulgent lifestyle in London after the announcement of the end of the war in Europe. read more

Delaware County - Genealogy and History Site (external site)
Most accounts in a single lot entry. This is an interesting collection of accounts sent to coach and professor Frederick Fox. Starting in autumn 1942 he sent out newletters and personal letters to servicemen who were his former high school athletes at Deposit high school and this site contains their replies. Find ww2 accounts from thirty-nine soldiers and airmen. Seventeen of the accounts are single letter replies, seven of them contain more than three letters with some accounts up to seven letters long. Most letters are to thank him for his letters and contain remissing of old times playing football. Ninety-one letters in total.  read more

War Letter Archive Lot 4
Sixty letters mostly to Miss Margie Krumpleman of Kentucky, a young woman of 18-20 from various cousins and brothers fighting in World War II predominately posted from early 1943 to late 1945. Some are stationed around the USA, guarding P.O.W camp, Los Alamos (site of the 1st nuclear detonation) and others brothers and cousins are stationed abroad and see alot of action. Lot includes letters from China, England, France, Belgium and Germany. Includes her brother's account of the first American regiment to enter Paris. Letters are from eight different soldiers.  read more

Wesley Slaymaker's Letters Home (external site)
Nice site and largest single lot collection. View the transcribed text by receipient and/or date of three hundred and seventy-nine letters predominately from Sgt. Wesley Slaymaker, 37th Division, 129th Infantry, M Company while he was in basic training, serving in the Pacific, and recovering back in the States after being wounded. A small number of the letters are from Lloyd Barnes, Laurence and Donald Slaymaker.  read more

Private Art (external site)
A collection of written communications from August 1943 to December 1945 between PVT Art Pranger of the 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion and his family Frank(father), Mary(mother), Ralph(brother) and Joan(sister). Some other letters are from his friend Bob Bailer. Find the link that says 'Letter Archive' in the dog tags on the bottom of the page. Site contains 198 letters, 74 from 1943, 72 from 1944 and 52 from 1945. Transcribed text available only.  read more

War Letter Archive Lot 1
Six world war two envelopes with three letters from September 1942 to September 1943 from English soldier Bill Appleyard of the Middlesex Yeomanry, Att. 104th stationed in what he calls the North African desert to his Mother living in Liverpool England. Contains eleven letters in total.  read more

One Jones Family (external site)
Ten letters between Joseph Jones and his wife Anne starting in May 1944 and ending May the following year. He was an infantryman in Patton's Red Diamond (5th) Division and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  read more

Letters from Rito (external site)
WW2 Account in 86 letters (pdf files) of Rito Hernandez from Christmas 1940 when he is training Camp Walters, Texas to the dreaded telegram in October 1943. Rito serves in Africa and dies in Sicily Italy. Text not transcribed.  read more

War Letter Archive Lot 15
Thirty-Eight letters from 1939 to 1943 between Herbie, Cleo(his soon to be wife) and his parents. Writting style improves considerable with time. Early letters are courtship letters between Herbie and Cleo expressing their love and effection for one another. Contains letters where Herbie got in trouble with police. Some early letters are dated but unposted. Apparently hidden in secret locations for their lover to find. They later marry and letters are mailed from Army locations. Letters are uncensored. Talks of Salt Peter "A substance intended to surpress emotions in soldiers" being put in food. Being issued 1917 rifles. Goes into great detail about life and expected behavior. He meets famous generals and officers. read more

Private Letters (external site)
A nice collection of a hundred and three letters to and from private Melvin W. Johnson. The bulk of these are during the 1943 and 1944 period. Well written, a transcribed copy of the text is only available in most cases. Click on the medal at the bottom of the screen to see a calendar of dates.  read more

War Letter Archive Lot 11
Eight ww2 letters from Corporal Amos H. Ebers to his sister in St. Louis, Missouri during 1942 and 1943. At first he is stationed at Drew Field, Florida after which he is moved abroad. He doesn't say exactly where but mentions his "jungle" location. read more

War Letter Archive Lot 8
A letter dated 22nd January 1945 from an unknown soldier "Tom" to his mother and father. Letter is mostly family and Christmas related, but contains seven beautiful photos of life as a soldier at an apparent tropical location.  read more

War Letter Lot 5
Forty-two letters from American soldier Phillip T White to his young daughter and wife in Groton, Vermont. Letters tell the story of his training in early 1945 at Camp Gordan in Massachusetts, his disperate attempts to get home to see his wife go into labour and his work in Germany - Viernheim, Heidelberg and Mannheim. Very little military information is mentioned in these letters, but filled with emotion and love for his family at home. read more

War Letter Archive Lot 13
Three letters to a girl Frances Hilker of New Freedom, Pennsylvania mailed 1943 and 1944. Two of which are from love interest PC Charlie Dorrey stationed at an unknown location and the other a souvenir postcard from her brother Freddie in France. read more

War Letter Archive Lot 10
Fourteen V-Mail letters to Private Roy H.Stracke during 1943. He appears to be stationed for a time in Scotland and Africa. These letters are from his mother (Mrs J.F.Stracke of Mulford Road, Columbus, Ohio) and various family friends mostly from the same town. read more

Dad's WWII letters to Mom (external site)
Following the journey of discovery of the hidden life one man's father. This blog has a collection of fifty-nine love letters written by a WWII pharmacist, James Baker(Duke) working to inoculate large numbers of fellow soldiers. Letters cover the period of June 1942 to October the same year but have few references to the war. Look for the category section on the bottom right of the scene for the letters from each month. Very confusingly the first of the month starts in the middle of each webpage. Letters' content are transcribed into text.  read more

merkki - Letters from Home (external site)
Lovely collection from Stalag Luft. Contains approximately twenty-nine letters in total and some other material such as forged identity papers, maps and secret instructions are included. Firstly there is a collection of fifteen letters from Dick William written before his plane went down on 26th of November 1943. He was a waist gunner on a B-17G with the 398th Bomb Group, 600th Bomb Squad flying out of Nuthampstead, England. No letters from him in Staglag Luft, instead it contains postcards from several other U.S. servicemen, including official letters written by the U.S. government, U.K. government and the Red Cross notifying families of accidents. These letters concern Lieutenants Oscar W Gills, John A. Barrett, David Feldman, William J Harding and John L Armstrong.  read more

War Letter Minor Lots
A pamphlet from to-be P.O.W Franklin Small to his family annoucing the launch of U.S.S New Jersey. see here. Three letters documenting a search of Howard W. Martin trying to track down lost colleagues. Letters from 1943 to 1948. Not of interest, unless you know the soldiers in questions. M.H.Watkins of the Personnel Records Service, Office of Air Adjustant General, S/Sgt Harold C Mayhood 13144998 of 1st A.A.F. B.Y. Boling Field, Washington D.C. and PFC Ambrose C McCully of Victory Field Vieman, Texas read more

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